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Ontario entry travel concern

It is unbelievable that the Ontario government thinks it has no role to play in controlling access to this province. There are only 13 bridges from the U.S. and one international airport remaining for access to Ontario. Why can they not control these access points?

The government has the ability to ask the OPP or local police forces to monitor any traveller once they have passed the border services checkpoint.

The public health offices have responsibility for monitoring for a minimum of 14 days anyone who enters the province.

The government has been issued millions of quick response test kits to test transport truckers and other required travellers.

Other provinces have been able to take some or all of these actions.

What is the difficulty of the Ontario government? One has to question its competence.

Brian Moore

Blame game

Doug Ford wouldn’t be a provincial premier if he did not blame the feds for his failings. They all do, and often.

To wit, it is poor vaccine distribution and porous borders that are the cause of the high COVID case counts in Ontario. And delayed school re-opening is blamed on dastardly teachers’ unions and an imaginary injunction threat.


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Now, he is even blaming his friends. Outdoor recreation facilities are closed because “his buddies” can’t play golf without hanging together to have “a few pops.”

Everything is always someone else’s fault. The premier needs to resign. Tearful apologies and finger pointing are not leadership.

Finally, a warning to Ford: Your buddies have a problem. Warning to buddies: He just threw you under the bus.

Bob Gordon

Best practices

When any serious issue evolves, we  look to solutions that have worked well and incorporate them into best practices.

Taiwan, an island 81 miles off the coast of China with a population of 23 million and 1,425 COVID-19 cases and 12 deaths from the virus, would meet this criteria.

Taiwan started health screening for COVID on Dec. 31, 2019. They banned all fights from China on Jan. 22, 2020. They stopped all travel into the country in March 2020. They did utilize masks and testing and now have a totally open society.

What they did not do was listen to the WHO, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and China as to how to react to this virus. They did not lockdown their economy and shut down their schools. They did not send a large quantity of their personal protective equipment to China and did not work with China to develop a vaccine.

Canada did the opposite, allowing thousands of flights with no testing or validated quarantining. The economy was locked down and schools closed to no avail since COVID was arriving every day on the planes.


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Trudeau  is spending a trillion dollars to solve a problem he created. He is only now banning fights from India and Pakistan, an admission to the totally wrong decision to allow flights to come in for all of 2020. I am concerned that his statement of  using COVID as an opportunity to create a “great reset” for Canada influenced some of his decision making.

Earl Hyde

About masks

Re: Don’t target people with medical exemptions (Letter, May 12)
Those who claim a medical exemption so as not to wear a mask should have to prove it.

What is lost on the letter writer is that wearing a mask keeps those around her safe and, just maybe, might save her life, too.
G. Irene Hunter,
Brant County

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